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Better Chapter Counselling


If you feel any kind of depression or anxiety, please reach out for a consultation.


For 24/7 emergency mental health service

and support please call 1-888-353-2273


A healthy lifestyle is 

necessary for positive

thinking and exercise.

Is counselling right for you?

Counselling is designed to help clients who are struggling to cope with a specific problem or are having difficulties in their everyday lives.

The counsellor's role is to guide the client through their difficulties and help them to understand how their emotions and behaviors have an effect on their outcomes.

At Better Chapter Counselling we utilize person-centred therapy to guide clients to the underlying causes that are creating these difficulties.

We also implement cognitive behavioral techniques to gain progress towards reaching your goals.

As each individual has different needs we will work together to create a personalized treatment plan tailored for each unique client.

About Better Chapter

At Better Chapter Counselling it is our goal to help you reach your goals!

We provide individual counselling, either in person or online, and pride ourselves in tailoring a unique approach for each client to help them with whatever they are facing.

Life can throw a lot at us and it can seem overwhelming at times, we will help you acquire the tools needed to face any difficulties that may arise. It's never too late to take control of your story and start writing a better chapter of your life!

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